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Sirui WA-18 Wide Angle Lens Clip for iPhone. (Better then Moment lenses?)

Recently, I chanced upon this Sirui WA-18 (buy from Amazon here) wide angle attachment for my iPhoneX at a local camera shop here in Singapore. It costs for about half the price of what Moment charges for a similar spec lens attachment. After a few test shots at the shop, I decided to just buy it and perform more tests elsewhere to see if it is […]


Mounting a lens attachment to the DJI Osmo Mobile 2

I have been wanting to use the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 with my Sirui WA-18 wide angle lens attachment for a while. But not been able to balance the gimbal was mind boggling due to the weight of the Sirui WA-18.   So I went around my hardware cabinet and found this. A hot-shoe mounting arm which I bought a while back.   I fiddle […]


Rhino RŌV Pro Everyday Slider – First Look

Just got my set on the 29th June 2018. This motorised slider came from a Kickerstarter project from Rhino which I’ve backed around October 2017. The version I’ve backed is the Rhino RŌV Pro Everyday. What is in the box?   Items includes: ROV Pro Everyday  Ball-head with quick release for DSLR\mirrorless cameras Ball-head for Smartphone mount  Micro USB charging cable Travel charging power adaptor Universal power […]


Smartphones better then DSLR?

Somebody told me recently that smartphones cameras are a good substitute to DSLRs when it comes to low light photography and even for video nowadays. Naturally, I took that comment with a pinch of salt. But it got me thinking and wondered if the technological gap had really narrowed? So I decided to bring a DSLR and my iPhone X out on a few instances […]