Is the Sirui WA-18 Wide Angle Lens better then the Moment lenses?

August 27, 2018

Recently, I chanced upon this Sirui WA-18 (buy from Amazon here) wide angle attachment for my iPhoneX at a local camera shop here in Singapore. It costs SGD$40, which is more then half of what a Moment lens go for. Long story short, after some tests at the shop, I decided to buy it to perform further tests to see if it is a worthy companion for my iPhone.



So after using this lens for a few weeks, the following are my opinions of it:


  • It is a clip-on design. Conveniently works with my other older iPhones (iPhone 6S and 5S).
  • The lens build is rather solid as everything is made of aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Corner to corner sharpness is pretty decent. Slightly blurs off at the corners but not that noticeable (See image tests below) unless you pixel peep.
  • Distortion is well controlled as well. Gives decent rectilinear looking images and it is very easy to correct it if required.
  • A circular polariser (sold seperately) is available for sale to use with this lens.


  • With the clip-on, it can be a bit difficult to align the Sirui clip-on lens to the iPhone lens to get proper coverage.
  • Lens is slightly big and heavy when clip-on to the phone. Weighs at about 20g.
  • The lens is easily misaligned with the iPhone when one accidentally knocks it. Once misaligned, dark corners and bad image quality will ensue.
  • Sirui does not make phone cases to mount this lens on the iPhoneX.
  • A 2-3 stops of light loss when using this lens. But as with all wide angle convertors, this is somewhat normal.

Image Quality

The images (above) are a comparison between using and not using the Sirui WA-18 adaptors (left), Click on the images to view them in full size.


The Sirui WA-18 help produces very decent images in good light. The sharpness in the corners are rather good for the price.

It does however cuts the amount of light going to the camera sensor due to the additional glass elements in it. Therefore, images taken with it will require about 2 to 3 extra stop of light to get the right exposure.

The bokeh made by this lens is awful to me. The out of focus parts of the image looks like a double image instead of a blurring look.


The distortion is well controlled. It reproduces good rectilinear images and is rather easy to correct if needed.
In a way, this is quite a good landscape lens if used properly. If you are looking for a fisheye effect to your images, you are better off trying their other lenses.


The flares from this lens looks like a footprint. I would avoid shooting into the light with it on my phone.


Ease of use / compability

All right, this lens is not exactly easy to use. Since it is using a clip to mount itself on the phone, getting it right on top and aligned with the camera lens can be a pain in the a**. When not mounted properly, images produced will have dark corners and off-focus as well. At this point when I write this, Sirui have no phone cases made for iPhoneX that can be used to mount the lens.

You might not be able to even use your own favourite phone cases when you use this lens. It needs to be fitted flushed onto the camera lens with no gaps in between to to get the best possible quality from it.

In terms of compatibility, the Sirui WA-18 works with all 28mm focal length camera lens. I have used it on my iPhone 5S and 6plus where both performed perfectly without any issues.


Once you can overcome the lens mounting issues, this lens is a very decent performer for the price. Nevertheless, it is a good travel companion for the iPhone when on a budget.
But if I have plenty of cash to spare, I will go for the Moment lens without much thought.


Click my affiliate link if you like to purchase the Sirui WA-18 with clip from Amazon. It will greatly help me fund the running of this website.


  • Xun November 6, 2018

    Hi, have you compared the sirui 18mm lens directly to the Moment in terms of sharpness, flare & light loss? I normally carry Sony RX1 & Fujifilm XT2+14mm & tele zoom when I travel, but I”m looking for a set of these small lenses to be used on my phone to bring with me all the time or when I really want to travel light or go on a hike and some 1080p video recording for sports event. Considering the 18mm, 60mm & Macro combo from Sirui since I’ve heard good things about them and seems like they’re comparable and in some case better than the moment lens line-up.

    • Roger January 28, 2019

      Sharpness is in comparison is pretty close. But the problem with the Sirui is the mount (at least for me on the iPhone X due to it’s focal length). A little off the center, the image will be distorted. So unless you can find a good mounting solution for the Sirui, then go for it. If not, Moment is better in that aspect.

  • Gerald Tan January 6, 2019

    Hey do you happen to know if Sirui lenses are able to be mounted onto Moment cases? I’ve seen some say it fits but I haven’t been able to find definitive confirmation of it. Appreciate any help!

  • Jojo February 8, 2019

    Will the wide angle lens work with the iPhone X telephoto lens ( 2x).. I have seen images of this combo on youtube with the moment lenses, but when I try to use my sirui wide angle lens on the iPhone X telephoto lens, it all just goes dark on the screen for some reason

    • Roger February 26, 2019

      When you switch from wide to telephoto, the lens on the back of your phone changes from the top to the bottom lens. So you need shift the Sirui lens down to align with the lower lens. It will then work. But it will defeat the purpose of the lens altogether.

  • Calvin February 26, 2019

    Hi Roger, thanks for your review. it helps! Just checking out which lense I should buy, a new brand called Kase came across. Would you mind writing a review about Kase master wide angle lens? I saw lots of positive reviews on it, but still not sure if it’s good compared to Moment’s. thanks

  • Al. March 1, 2019

    So ..the Rhinocase, has anyone tried to see if the moment and/or sirui lenses will fit and work with a rhinocase? (asking because i own one and am really broke, so would mean i could get the lens now instead of selling my skateboard 😉

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